Fun Fluff 7

Hot chocolate mugs

I’ve been busy with real estate pre-licencing classes so not a ton to share this week.

Related to my classes, I have to say do your research before working with a real estate agent and if you decide to work with one, make sure they are working FOR you, not just WITH you.

This article is super dark, but worth the read, IMO. (Medium)

Have you ever thought about why houses these days often have more bathrooms than bedrooms? Did you know that a simple bathroom remodel is actually a cost-effective renovation? This article digs through our history to explain America’s obsession with bathrooms. (The Atlantic)

This is my favourite new tool. Like, I really like it.

I’m hoping I can find this book at the library.

Cute, right?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Good luck on the classes!
    I thought the cuteness was going to be kitty cuteness. Please feature sparky sometime soon!

    1. I’m pretty sure she was hiding in one of the pictures in Wednesday’s post.

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