Master Bathroom


So when we swung by today, we were pleasantly surprised to find all of the windows have been put in!


Other recent updates include starting on the bathroom tile, getting doors for the crawl space, and SNOW.

Snow day!
Snow day!

I haven’t mentioned it before, but the insurance on the house has been cancelled twice before and we got a notice this week that is going to get cancelled again because the house is vacant and the windows are boarded up. Yes, insurance company, this is true. And this is why we are renovating it. And this is why you are insuring us. We have discussed this previously. Three times. Safe to say we will be going with a different insurance company after the renovation is complete.

Some exciting news: our kitchen cabinets and hardwoods should both be coming in next week!

And here’s the plan for the master bathroom:

You may have noticed that shower head B comes before shower head A. Ignore that. But also you may have noticed two shower heads and an awful lot of shower hardware. That’s because the plan is to have a shower head on both ends of the shower that include rain head and handheld options.

We had originally planned to use the shower wall tile on the shower floor as well, but learned that you need to use smaller tiles on the shower floor in order to create a light slope that allows for drainage. Drainage is a very important function of shower floors.

What do you think?


6 responses to “Master Bathroom”

  1. Love it! Can’t wait to see it again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s coming along beautifully! Gorgeous choices. With all of those showering options, you should always be squeaky clean!


  3. oooh! pretty master bath choices.


    1. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing how it all comes together!


  4. Draining schmainage, just make it pretty!!


    1. But it’s not pretty if there is floating stuff at the bottom of the shower.


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