Hardwood Floors

The For Sale sign in front of the house now says SOLD!

Andy, the guy who owns the house across the street from the downtown luxury slum, will be a great neighbor to have. He likes to keep an eye on the whole neighborhood, knows everyone, and even mows all of the front lawns across the street from him because he says he wants a nice view.

Last weekend, he tracked us down to let us know that a homeless person has been living in the house. This shouldn’t have been a surprise since one of the doors doesn’t latch properly, or at least not easily. Several times, we have come to the house to find the door unlocked, but have never been too concerned since there was never any evidence that anyone had been staying there. But apparently that has changed so we contacted the seller’s agent to have them do something to fix the door.

But aside from that, this week had been pretty slow, and with most of the nitty gritty due diligence work out of the way, I started playing around a little more seriously with decorating ideas. One of the things I really wanted to do with this house was use reclaimed hardwood floors. I really love the look of greasy, old, worn down floors found in old warehouses and I figured since so many of these places are being torn down, this kind of wood would be easy and cheap to come by. Not so much. See the pic for an idea of what I’m envisioning.

There’s a local place called Raleigh Reclaimed that we checked out a few months ago. They have all sorts of reclaimed wood and will sell it raw or turned into any number of projects such as tables, barn doors, or flooring. They didn’t have any finished flooring when we were there so it’s hard for me to trust that they will be able to make me what I want.

I also found a place online called Whole Log Lumber in western North Carolina. They do exactly what I want so I’m tempted to order a couple samples from them. The downside is obviously going to be the price, not only of floors but also the shipping.

We also checked out the ReUse Warehouse. I don’t remember seeing any hardwood flooring there, but they do have a ton of other items such as doors, appliances, cabinetry, etc. that could come in handy.


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