Under Contract


This was a busy week on multiple fronts. On Sunday, we finally got a signed contract from the seller so on Monday, we got to fork over a bunch of cash for due diligence and earnest money.

We also met with a couple of architects (one of whom works with a design-build firm) to get their thoughts on the project. They basically said it would be doable but tight with our budget, and they’d be happy to provide their services, but for now we should focus on choosing a contractor.

We decided to offer Corey the contractor job. He asked us for a basic drawing of what we envisioned, a couple pictures to give him and idea of what sort of style we wanted, and a wish list. Our second attempt at drawing a floor plan resulted in ending up with just two bedrooms since realistically, there just isn’t space for three without compromising the overall vision.

I found and joined the neighborhood Facebook group. It isn’t very active, but I assume I’ll work on changing that after we close.

And today, I emailed some people at the state about historic restoration tax credits. There are tax credits available for historic preservation from both the federal government and the state so I wanted to see what we might qualify for, and what we needed to do to qualify.



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