Luxury Yard Renovation, Phase Three

The moment you've all been waiting for.... Phase Three of our luxury yard renovation. This is the final planned phase and involves special permitting as a result of the Downtown Luxury Slum being a historic property.

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We are as eager as you are to re-enter society, but we want to exercise as much caution as possible. Our first goal is always to keep American citizens safe at all times, as well as to comply with all state and local regulations.

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The signs of progress around us are encouraging. Some communities are relaxing aspects of the stay-at-home restrictions and certain workplaces are beginning to reopen. But at the same time, we understand that many of you are continuing to face significant hardships that will not resolve quickly or easily. That’s why we are continuing to entertain and inform you regardless of past-due payments and waiving all late-payment fees, as well as fees for online and in-person payments.

Luxury Yard Renovation, Phase One

We have been doubling the size of the Downtown Luxury Slum by living outdoors for much of this pandemic so I thought it might be a good time to share how we got our yard from unlivable to luxury outdoor living.

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