A Physician’s Guide to Sanitation – Part 9

Unless the range is kept free from ashes and clinkers, it will be impossible to broil chops and steaks. Clearing the grate-bars with a poker is a slow and annoying process. People who spend the winters cooped up in small houses hugging the red-hot stove, or who sleep in close, unventilated rooms for fear of the cold night-air, are usually sallow and sickly.

A Physician’s Guide to Sanitation – Part 8

Every room should have a chimney-flue; otherwise it will be as difficult to force hot air to enter it as it is to pure water into a bottle that is already full. Registers should be located on inner walls, and never on floors, as they collect dust, matches, etc., which may cause fires. The furnace should be located near the cold side of the house on account of the wind-pressure which makes it difficult to warm rooms facing northwest.

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