Fun Fluff 6

I'm sharing some wallpaper and teacups I adore, the magic of vitamin B12, thoughts on the impacts of tourism in Hawaii (and elsewhere), and my undying love for K&W Cafeteria, and how the awesomeness of IKEA seemingly has no bounds.

Fun Fluff 5

1920s real estate listings, how ikea picks names for their products, best cocktail bars in Raleigh, making friends, podcast and TV recommendations.

Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration

We didn't get a backsplash installed when we renovated the Downtown Luxury Slum. It's been #goodenough without one, but I do want to add one eventually so I'm taking my time and mulling over my options.

Fun Fluff 4

I've been learning SketchUp, dreaming big, and thought I'd share an interesting article about shade? Plus, we have a new tradition around here.

Cat Safe Plants

I've been looking for some fancy, cat-safe plants for the house and I thought I'd share so you'll have the most luxurious non-toxic plant choices at your fingertips.

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