Kitchen Floor Mats

We've made a few updates to the Downtown Luxury Slum but first let's talk about kitchen floor mats. I'll show you what we decided on, some things to consider when choosing your own kitchen floor mat, and I'll share a few favourites.

Our Next Luxury Slum

The big renovation of the Downtown Luxury Slum is complete and although we still have a number of small projects to work on, it's time to start looking for a new slum.

Getting Closer

We got appliances, lighting, more plumbing, and a lot of other finishing touches this week. And some island placement drama. Please weigh in on what we should do.

Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Deck

Quartz, cabinets, a really long explanation about the back side of the island, finished hardwood floors, some bathroom plumbing fixtures, and finally a deck. What did you do this week?

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