Fun Fluff 4

I've been learning SketchUp, dreaming big, and thought I'd share an interesting article about shade? Plus, we have a new tradition around here.

Cat Safe Plants

I've been looking for some fancy, cat-safe plants for the house and I thought I'd share so you'll have the most luxurious non-toxic plant choices at your fingertips.

Fun Fluff 2

Discovering local run clubs, staying motivated, making millions of dollars to support my lifestyle, 2020 timeline goals, a great podcast you should check out, and some questions for you. Check it out!

Fun Fluff

Decluttering, wanting to buy more clutter, cooking amazing food, having fun with finances (really), and enjoying some good TV.

What is Luxury?

I have a big update to share with you that will impact the future of this blog. I'm also going to define luxury since it is a major part of what and why I write.

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